Ethernet or Wi-Fi – Which One Should You Use?

Ethernet provides better speed, reduced latency, and an overall reliable internet connection. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is the best choice for your smartphone, tablet, and iPod, but it’s prone to interference. Deciding which one is better than another depends on what you want to do on the internet. This article will help you decide which one you need with some crucial comparisons.

Basic Difference Between Wi-Fi and an Ethernet Connection

Most of us have a Wi-Fi connection at home which uses a router device to transmit signals wirelessly. These signals help us connect various devices to the internet. An Ethernet connection uses Ethernet cables to deliver internet to your devices by plugging into them.

Relatively, the Ethernet connection is much faster as there is no resistance between your device and the source. On the other hand, when you are connected to the internet wirelessly, multiple factors come into play that can impact your internet speed.

Be it Ethernet or Wi-Fi, both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. We will be outlining them below. So, let’s take a look!

Top Reasons to Use an Ethernet Connection

While Gaming

If you are an online gamer, you should definitely connect an Ethernet cable to your computer or laptop to experience a seamless gaming experience. Every gamer needs their ping to be lower, and it should not be an exception for you as well. What’s ping? There is a delay between sending a command to the game and responding back. All it takes are milliseconds, but they can decide whether you win the game or suffer a loss.

If you have a gaming console, it would be best to connect an Ethernet cable to it. It can help you avoid buffering while playing online games, which can help you easily beat your opponents.

While Using a PC

You should connect an Ethernet cable to your PC to easily handle powerful tasks. Most of the time, PCs are static, which makes them the great host for Ethernet connection. This way, you can browse the web and get your work done with a stronger internet connection. Moreover, connect with Altafiber customer service and inquire about what internet speed they recommend for your PC to function flawlessly.

While Sharing Large Files and Online Streaming

A faster internet connection is a primary prerequisite for sharing large files over the internet. Furthermore, online streaming in HD is only possible if you have a strong internet connection. Slow internet speed will only provide you with buffering, and that is something we want you to avoid.

Top Reasons to Use a Wi-Fi Connection

If You Have Wireless Devices Only

A device needs an Ethernet port to allow Ethernet cables to be plugged in. This means that devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., are ruled out of the possibility of being connected by Ethernet cables. You should use Wi-Fi on such devices and surf the internet to do various tasks.

If You Need Internet Signals Anywhere in the House

Wi-Fi signals might be less reliable in comparison with Ethernet connection, but they don’t make you sit and use the web in the same spot for hours. Unlike using your gaming consoles and PC, you can roam around and still have an internet connection anywhere in the house. This is something that you can’t get out of an Ethernet connection on any of your devices.

If Your Landlord Does Not Let You Run Cables

If you are a tenant in a house, it may be possible that your landlord does not allow you to run cable wires in the house. Setting up a wireless connection will be the only option in this case. You may consider Fiber Internet packages as it offer stable internet speeds that can help you surf the web with no interruptions.

If You Wish to Use IoT Devices

All IoT devices require Wi-Fi signals. If you have any of the IoT devices installed in your house, you must have a router set up to control such devices.

How to Solve Ethernet Connection Issues?

If you are experiencing lousy internet even with an Ethernet connection, you may ensure to install reliable cable wires and see if the current ones are torn or bent. Moreover, you can also connect the Ethernet cable only to some devices and use the rest with Wi-Fi. This will balance the load and will make your Ethernet connection work to its fullest.


There you go. Now you know when you need an Ethernet connection or when Wi-Fi can make things out for you. However, Ethernet provides you with much more reliable and smooth speeds in comparison with Wi-Fi. If you are into gaming and don’t get the speed you want while playing, we recommend you use an Ethernet connection and see the difference right away. 

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