A Glimpse Inside Jaipur’s Premier IVF Treatment Center: Aastha Fertility

Are you considering https://www.uscasummer.com/ getting an IVF treatment in Jaipur? There has been a significant increase in infertility in both men and women. For most fertility issues, IVF is the best-suggested infertility treatment by doctors.

But before opting for the treatment, figuring out the cause of infertility is essential, as after the infertility analysis only, the best treatment can be opted. And, an expert IVF specialist in Jaipur can only help with the best analysis and infertility treatments. 

If you’re also facing difficulties in getting pregnant, IVF experts at the best IVF treatment Center in Jaipur – Aastha Fertility will help you with the best treatments. And for those still confused about the role of treatment center in IVF, this blog below will assist you. Scroll down to explore! 

Why Opt for IVF Treatment?

Preserves Fertility

With the help of IVF, you can preserve your fertility for future use. These days, many women don’t want a baby at a certain age because of work, health issues, or financial issues, so they go and preserve their eggs and then get pregnant with a frozen egg.

Decreases The Chances Of Passing Genetic Disorder

When a baby is done through IVF, there are less chances of passing the genes to the baby. This can help get a healthy baby, as genetic disorders like diabetes won’t be passed to them. 

Usage Of Donor Sperm Or Eggs

In the IVF process, if a sperm or egg is not healthy, a donor egg or sperm can be used to fertilise the egg, and then it can be inserted in the body, resulting in a healthy baby. This increases the chances of getting pregnant at once. 

Has Higher Success Rates Compared To Other Treatments

The IVF treatment has the highest chances of a healthy pregnancy compared to other treatments, as the specialists only insert the best embryo fertilised by the best quality sperm. Also, it is one of the safest and most affordable fertility procedures compared to other procedures. 

There are many things you should be aware of before you start an IVF treatment. Therefore, these are some questions you should ask your IVF doctor on your first visit.  

How Long Will The IVF Process Take?

This is important to know, as you have to plan your future accordingly, also for work-related issues or if you are settled in some other city to get the treatment done. Basically, one complete IVF cycle can take upto 3 weeks, depending on the health of a patient’s body.

What Is The Cost Of The Procedure?

Again, this is an essential question because there is no guarantee that you will get pregnant through one cycle of IVF. An IVF treatment includes fertility medicines, IVF fees, lab charges, donor sperm or egg charges, etc. Therefore, the couple should set aside some savings so that they both can be stress-free and with less workload during those three weeks of the procedure and later during the pregnancy period. 

Will There Be Any Side Effects?

During IVF, you take multiple and different medicines and injections to change your hormones, which can result in some side effects during pregnancy. Therefore, it can cause higher mood swings and abdominal pain, but only sometimes. Take help from a doctor if anything feels severe. 

Aastha Fertility Care- The Best Choice For IVF Treatment In Jaipur

If you want to get your IVF treatment done in Jaipur, we would suggest going to Aastha Fertility Care for the treatment. After much research and review, we are sure you will get the best possible treatment and care at the clinic. With this, here are some other benefits people get by choosing Aastha Fertility Care for their IVF treatment. 

Transparency And Reliability

From the procedure process to the IVF cost, their team ensures you are informed and learn about these things at every step. If you have any query related to anything, their experts will help you understand the solution. 

Best Equipments And Team

One of the most important factors that decide if your IVF will be successful is the tools and technology used to do it and how experienced the doctor is. Therefore, at Aastha Fertility Care, you will be assured of both these things. They make sure to use disinfectant before using any tool on the other body. 

Personalised Solution

Every human body and its issues are different. Therefore, Aastha Fertility Care makes sure that you get a personalised treatment plan and care as per your body and points. For this, they help the couple with pregnancy diet charts, couple counselling, and sessions for a healthy pregnancy. 


Now you know everything about an IVF procedure and what things are required before doing it. If you still have queries or doubts, talk and understand everything about the treatment from the best IVF clinic in Jaipur- Aastha Fertility Care.

Don’t wait and contact Aastha Fertility Care today.

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